Our mission at Infinity Drilling is to offer the highest quality service available. With a large fleet of rigs, experienced staff, and a core value of excepting nothing less than perfect. We gladly accept challenging projects that most drillers would shy away from. We offer services in residential and commercial projects. You can feel comfortable knowing that our team consists of experts in every area necessary to get any job done.

  • Coal Services

  • Specialty Drilling

  • Geo Tech

  • Commercial Geo Thermal

  • Commercial Water Wells

  • Oil & Gas


Teamwork Without Limits

Skyler Bolden


Skyler is a 2006 Graduate of West Virginia University with a Bachelors degree in business management. He has been fascinated with drilling since a young age. His passion stems from watching his father work. Skyler continues his education in the industry and seeks and utilizes optimistic drilling practices. He enjoys using each project as a new opportunity to learn and deliver results his customers deserve.

Our Staff

We have built a top notch team at Infinity Drilling. Our team is filled with experienced drillers, and an administration staff that keeps everything running 100% everyday. We keep our work force up to date on safety trainings, and have remained strict with values of a drug free staff. Every  member of our team values each and every one of our customers, and we all do everything possible to deliver nothing less than perfection.


Our Founder has been fascinated with Drilling since a young age watching his father work and run a drilling company. With family roots in the industry and values in hard work and dedication — drilling is in our blood.


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